Books & Documents able to be consulted in the Museum.

    1.  The Plan of Graves and Gravestones in Darfield Churchyard.
     2.  The trees in Darfield Churchyard.
     3.  Graves in Darfield cemetery from 1916 to 2008.
     4.  Graves in Great Houghton cemetery with an index of names etc.
     5.  Log books and Admission Registers from Darfield All Saints Church of
           England School.
     6.  A photographic archive of Omnibuses in Darfield.
     7.  A photographic archive of the restoration of pit heaps in Darfield.
     8.  Ground Plan of the Darfield Main Colliery site.
     9.  Abandonment Plans of Darfield Main Colliery.
                                    -- Meltonfield Seam
                                    -- Winter Seam
                                    -- Beamshaw Seam
                                    -- Kent's Thick Seam
     10. Darfield Overseers book for 1750 to 1768.
     11. Various other documents concerning mining etc.