Some Aspects of the Village of Darfield.

Darfield is built on a sandstone ridge extending from Ardsley, near Barnsley, in a southwards direction. The village is bounded by the valleys of the Rivers Dearne and Dove; these converge beyond the village before flowing into the Don. The population is now about 8,500.


We are an historic village. The Parish Church shows Anglo-Saxon foundations, and a part Norman tower. Three hoards of silver Roman coins have been found. There are assumed, unexcavated Anglo-Saxon remains close by the church. It is suggested that a pack horse trail in far off days led from the west coast of England, across the Pennines, through Darfield to the east coast.


Darfield was a rural community until mining developed about 150 years ago and is still surrounded by mixed farms. In Victorian times though, the population of the village began a rapid growth as mines were developed in the river valleys. All these mines have now closed though. Their headgears have gone. The dereliction they left behind has been, or is being, cleared. The site of the Darfield Main Colliery has now been planted with thousands of trees, cows graze on what was the spoil heap for the colliery.




Although rather sprawling, we remain a village community where residents know one another. We retain some of the old traditions and remember the long history of the area. Keeping the village feel is one of the aims of the Darfield Area Amenity Society.


Snape Hill School Class, 1920.

The village has three Primary Schools, (Nursery to 11 years). Secondary education is served through the new Netherwood School between Darfield & Wombwell. These serve a wider area than just the village. The Church of England is represented in the Parish Church; Methodism is served with two Chapels. There is a Post Office and several shops, these being in the village centre and in the areas about. Through these the needs for groceries, newspapers and paint and the like are covered. The inner man is catered for at the bakers and various cooked food outlets.