Where We Have Come From.....

Our Society was founded at a meeting in the village in December 1973. The Barnsley Civic Trust had suggested that villages around the town of Barnsley should set up their own Civic Societies to maintain standards within their own small areas. From the outset our Society was non-political but has never been afraid to give local politicians its views on changes taking place. In its history, the Society has only ever had three Chairmen, Mrs. C. Clarney, Mr. A. Clarney and Mr. Geoffrey Hutchinson; and three Secretaries, Mr. G. Hutchinson, Mrs. M. Mann and Mrs. M. Venables.   

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During our 37 years, the Society has taken on projects that have usually stemmed from the interests and concerns of members, always with the intent of retaining Darfield as a village in a time of rapid change. Our activities can be grouped under four heads.


        •  Footpaths have been walked, checked and campaigned for;

         •  Trees have been planted, tree preservation orders sought and orchids rescued from a dumping site.

         •   Litter picks have been organised;

          The River Dove has been cleaned of considerable silt and rubbish from the Darfield Main Colliery 

            when it was working to allow fish back into it.


          Councillor and M.P.'s Surgeries have been attended to press for village improvements;

        •  A Campaign was organised to establish the Conservation Area in the village;

        •  Work was undertaken to set up a Police Liaison Committee in the village;

          Organised a house by house petition and been  represented at appeal to oppose planning

            approval for housing that would have destroyed the green belt between Darfield and the

            Barnsley conurbation;

           We are represented on the Area Forum, the Police Liaison Committee, the Barnsley Heritage

            Forum, and the Barnsley Environment Forum.


           Work on general or particular aspects of the history of the village has been undertaken and encouraged;        

            Published a Village Trail in leaflet form;

          •  A ssisted the Darfield W. I. in publishing their booklet the "Three Halls Walk";

           Assisted many searching for their family tree.


          •  When the village bowls club collapsed, Society members reformed it by being gaurdians of the

             greens for a summer and loaning out bowls

          •  Founded the Darfield Walking Group, at first as part of the Society, then as a separate group;

          •  Recommenced the annual village Hospital Sing Sunday that had not been held since the

             out break of war in 1939;

           •  Organised an Annual two day Art, Craft & Memorabilia Exhibition each August;

          •  Held monthly meetings with speakers and as a forum for village discussion;

           •  Undertaken the restoration of 2 Vicar Road, Darfield, by application for Heritage Lottery and

             European grants, to create the Heritage Centre.

The Society became a Limited Company in 1994 when it began the process of establishing the Maurice Dobson Museum & Heritage Centre.

Membership is open to all for a modest annual fee.




           ......... And Where We Are Going.

The Society hopes to continue to fulfil the basic aims for which it was founded as we move on into 2010 and beyond. We opened the Maurice Dobson Museum & Heritage Centre at Easter 2001 which comprises a museum of local artefacts and antiques, a shop selling locally made crafts, a small cafe, a small meeting place for local organisations, an art gallery with a monthly changing display of work by artists from the district and an outdoor paved area for sales and similar village activities.